Onikispor | Hakkımızda
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Sportswear that are designed with our amateur spirit combined with a

Professional mentality are manufactured with environmentally friendly raw materials.

Since the establishment of our group in 2007 we have pursued professionalism with amateur spirit, manufactured for world’s most popular clubs as well as supplying modest but enthusiastic requests of amateur clubs since then.

We are a group that live and breathe football, include specialists on their related fields, know what it is like to be a team and have full knowledge of required sports equipment of a club. Our group undertakes design and manufacturing processes of unique collections for sports clubs while keeping track of the Daily agenda of the football World and sportswear fashion with enthusiasm, passion and pleasure

We know how concentration is key for a sports team and believe that the first step towards concentration is the sportswear on an athlete. We design and manufacture all sorts of training, camp and match sportswear products with said belief and motive.

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